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Our software completely substitutes the older ideas of report writing with pens and keeping them in order using filing cabinets. The software can be viewed in a desktop format or as an app. This is all available with one software pack and it is easy and efficient to use.  WISE has been around for 6-7 years but has recently had a very critical upgrade. This consists of various additions like our RAMs Generator. The update has made the software more user friendly and more efficient to our customers.

The inspection tool included in this software highlights the findings and corrective actions that is required. It is then able to perform a real time analysis using the reports and observations matrix. Our clients have been using our software for 6-7 years. We have created this in order to ensure that we could make inspections and other documents more managable when creating. Auditors, inspectors and site leaders would now not have to hand write all of their inspection notes on paper. By using the software they would be able to type the notes out faster and on a safe and secure file.   The software is compatible with all internet browsers and is also available as an app for your mobile or tablet. By having this software available n your mobile devices it reduces the amount of equipment you would have to take with you on an inspection for example. It ensures that the files are safe and reduces the risk of losing paper notes during an audit.  This speeds up the process massively and it is also very efficient to work with.

To find out more information about our inspection tool software please email us at: info@wisesafetyllc.com